• Intro

    When you open our website up, there will be multiple tabs that you can click on the will navigate you throughout our site, these tabs have been specifically taylored to the needs of each of the specified groups. 

    The Tabs 

    The tabs are located near the middle of the page right bellow the gallery and above the calender.

    The district Tab will bring you to all the administrations pages and links, mostly dealing with money and calenders

     Img 1

    The parents section will bring you to most of the sections dealing with payments, health, supply lists, and grades.

    img 2

    The student section has most of the links for testing sites and other links used by teachers for students

    img 3

    The staff Tab is used mostly by staff members of the School district.

    img 5

    The community tab has only 2 tabs, one for the HEF alumni, and the student notebook.

    img 6

    The athletics tab is listed by sport, and will lead you to pages occupied by them

    img 7